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Achieve the best results for your knee replacement

ge·nu   (ˈjēnyo͞o) derived from Latin for knee


/nərˈvänə,nirˈvänə/  (in Buddhism) a transcendent state

Welcome to genuvana

“Genu” is latin for knee and “vana” comes from the word nirvana which is the highest form of happiness. We have thoughtfully developed an online rehabilitation program to help you optimize your knee replacement recovery and achieve the best results (genuvana). 


This program can be used in conjunction with in-person physical therapy or can be used on it’s own to replace traditional therapy. This program starts with a pre-hab program that is initiated the moment you schedule your knee replacement and continues for 12 weeks after your surgery.  


Prehab: In the pre-hab phase, we will be focusing on conditioning your knee prior to surgery and preparing you both from a physical and mental standpoint. 


Post Surgery: After your surgery you will follow 6 modules that span 2 week intervals (12 weeks total).

Modules: Each module contains an introductory video, exercises in pictorial form, video demonstrations of each exercise to follow. We recommend dedicating 

30-45 minutes to these exercises twice a day.


Questionnaire: Throughout this program, you will fill out questionnaires which allows us to track your progress. 


Starter Pack: You should have received a starter pack which includes a goniometer and measure tape which enables you to make the measurements needed to fill out the questionnaires and a resistance band to help you with some of the exercises. 


Remember the more you put into your recovery the more success you will have with your knee. Through this program we hope you are able to achieve genuvana. Good luck!


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